PMI MassBat Chapter - Celebrating 40 Years

Gain knowledge about running a non-profit organization, professional project management experience and network all while earning PDUs!

And Contribute to Running the Chapter

The vitality and success of the PMI Mass Bay Chapter depends on the volunteers who give their time, expericene and talents to the mission and goals.  Volunteering is a great way to increase the value and enjoyment you receive from PMI and the MassBay Chapter, while benefiting contributin to the community as a whole. 

Members who volunteer in the chapter earn:

  • References outside their workplace
  • Knowledge about running a not-for-profit organization and PMI
  • Professional experience and development as a leader
  • Professional Career contacts. Oh Boy! A lot of them!
  • and PDUs toward continuing certification


Roles have many levels of time commitment to suit any availability.  You can volunteer for a short term, long-term or single-task commitment. Some roles may take only one or two hours per month, others are more focused around a specific event.  

Board members and other leadership roles do have a minimum term comittments and typically require certain ongoing responsibilities, including participating in multiple board or event meetings per month and managing the activities of a committee. But there is something for everyone.

I will work with you to make your choice of volunteering a fufilling one!


VP Volunteers & Membership

How can I get involved?

We want you to participate! While all volunteer positions require that you be a member of PMI, with a current PMI Mass Bay membership,  there are no other specific over arching requirements to contribute. There are entry level, stretch, and experienced level positions that are needed.

So, if you're not yet a member check out more details - click here.

All current PMI job posting are listed in the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).  For a quick glance at Mass Bay opportunities check here first. Apply directly online! If you don't find anything, update your own interestes for alerts on related posisitons. You'll get email when somthing matches up.  

If you don't see anything that calls to you, but you'd like to discuss it - I'm open to discussing creation of positions! Systems like this never tell the whole story. Ping me at to see if we can craft something especialy for you.